How to improve performance

This guide will show you how to improve your in-game performance. (Performance ≠ more FPS directly)


In this guide, I will be using mods, and to run those mods we need a mod-loader. We need to use Fabric Mod Loader to run the mods required to improve the game's performance.

Step 1

Download Fabric from the website:

If for some reason, the .exe installer does not work. Try the .jar installer. If that still does not work, try (re-)installing Java at:

Step 2

Download the mods listed below, there are quite some. But be careful! Check the version before downloading! Download the version corresponding to the version you are going to play in.

Fabric API, this mod is required for most Fabric mods to work:

Dynamic FPS, this mod improves your computer's performance while you are not activly playing Minecraft:

Lithium, this mod improves singleplayer performance by ± 42%:

Phosphor, this mod improves the lighting engine of the game and results in higher FPS and fewer lag-spikes:

Sodium, this mod improves chunk rendering and gives an overall performance boost resulting in higher FPS:

Step 3

Close Minecraft and the launcher if they are open.

Step 4

Now you may install Fabric, by double-clicking the file. After a couple of seconds, it should show a window. Then press install. It can take several minutes to install, but when it is done press "OK".

Step 5

After that we will need to put the mods we have downloaded in the mods folder from Minecraft.

First, cut the mods out of your downloads folder.

Then type "%AppData%" in the Windows search bar and press ENTER.

Go to ".minecraft", and paste the mods in the "mods" folder.

If there is no "mods" folder, simply create one.

Step 6

Launch the Minecraft launcher and the Fabric release should be set as a preset profile. Then start the game.

Step 7

Now that you have installed Fabric and some mods. To get the wanted performance out of them, we need to tweak some settings.

To reach max performance and maintaine a good looking game apply these settings listed below.